Iwona Kelley, M.A.
Chief Business Officer
Over the course of her seventeen-year career Ms. Kelley has overseen numerous life sciences product launches both domestically and internationally. Skilled as the advocate who conveys the needs and voice of the customer internally within her own organization while delivering customer liaison, education and support externally, Ms. Kelley initially performed and subsequently led sales and account management functions through a succession of entities within the Millipore family of companies. Beginning her career at Upstate Biotechnology, Inc. in 1996, she worked in progressively senior positions as Upstate was acquired by Serologicals Corporation (2004) and in turn by Millipore Corporation (2007), which was itself acquired by EMD Group/Merck KGaA in 2010. Ms. Kelley holds Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degrees in Biology and in Spanish from the College of the Holy Cross and a Master of Liberal Arts Degree in Biology from Harvard University.

multi-readout, repeat-dose
DILI screening
DILI screening

Hurel microlivers afford better prediction than 3D

Toxicology Research
Long-enduring infectious liver disease platform
Toxicity Ratios*
A new marker for hepatotoxic chronicity

*patent pending
a new, patent-pending
efflux transport
assay method
Superior intrinsic clearance
and biotransformation of
low-turnover drugs