HµRELflowTM microfluidic platforms
U.S. Patent No’s. 5,612,188; 7,288,405; 8,030,061; other patents pending
Patented HµRELflowTM microfluidic cell-based assay platforms enhance the in vitro to in vivo correlation of data and enable fluidically mediated interaction between different cell-based models drawn from or representing different bodily organs.

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The next-generation HµRELflowTM system is nearing the end of its engineering design phase and approaching readiness for real-world testing. In preparation for the coming beta-test phase, Hurel is seeking collaborations with a limited number of industrial and academic research groups that are interested in gaining early access to the HµRELflowTM technology for their research. If you or your research group would like to explore becoming a HµRELflowTM beta-test evaluator, contact us through this link:

A patented HµRELflowTM microfluidic device contains a microfluidic pumping mechanism, at least two compartments that hold cell cultures, a fluid reservoir for dosing, sampling, and replenishing culture medium, and a network of micro-channels for recirculating the culture medium through the various elements of the microdevice.

An innovation of special importance which the patented HµRELflowTM design embodies is the incorporation of extremely small, separately computer-controllable actuation (i.e., pumping) mechanisms into the physical substrate of each individual device. This integration of pumping directly into the device’s flow circuitry reduces the over-all volume of liquid culture medium in the device, shortening its circulatory cycle time and enabling HµRELflowTM to simulate actual in vivo recirculation more closely.

HµRELflowTM devices may be populated with Hurel’s own hepatic co-cultures and/or with other cell-based models.

Prototype HµRELflowTM systems have demonstrated metabolite generation significantly greater than that afforded by hepatocytes cultured under static conditions, when presented to compounds metabolized by a broad range of Phase I and Phase II metabolic enzymes. Prototype studies have shown HµREL®‘s flow-based metabolic competency to endure stably for 14 days and longer.

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