The Hurel microlivers’ superior metabolic competency, derived in part from their multi-fold greater hepatocyte number  and therefore greater cell density within the microtiter well [A], is the characteristic most centrally responsible for Hurel’s delivering data of superior translational predictivity—data that is more “human relevant®”—compared to data generated on 3D, micropatterned, or other cell-based liver tissue constructs.  In cytotoxicity and hepatotoxicity testing, Hurel’s superior ability to generate reactive metabolites (as exemplified by Hurel’s viability after exposure to hepatotoxicant cyclophosphamide incubated in the absence and the presence, respectively, of broad cytochrome p450 inhibitor aminobenzotriazole—[B]) is the primary factor responsible for elevating Hurel’s predictive sensitivity and accuracy of those demonstrated by other platforms.

Human relevance inspired the company’s name:
Human relevant. Hurel