HµrelTox™ applies Hurel’s superior metabolic competency to a panel of complementary assays, creating a multi-parametric characterization of hepatotoxic risk.  HµrelTox™  incorporates a 14-day, repeat-dose cytotoxicity study with both ATP and albumin (ELISA) readouts.  Computation of time-based Hurel ratios™  and ACEA RTCA impedance signal indices illuminate potential chronic liabilities of pre-candidate NME’s.  Incubation in the absence and presence of broad CYP inhibitor aminobenzotriazole (ABT) reads on the potential for formation of reactive metabolites.  Incubation in the absence and presence of bile salts provides a marker of potential cholestatic liability.  (Not shown: measurements of extracellular acidification rate and mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation on Agilent Seahorse instrumentation, to assess mitochondrial stress.)

When provided as a contract research service by Hurel, the HµrelTox™  assay panel can be custom-configured according to the client’s particular study design.