Contract research organizations (CRO’s) seek to differentiate from their competition by the quality of their consultation, the breadth of their services offerings, their speed and responsiveness, and/or their prices.  But it can be hard for CROs to differentiate themselves based on the predictive, translational utility of the data itself because their and their competitors’ results are often based on the same widely available, commodity assays.

Hurel’s contract research services are founded on Hurel’s proprietary microliver technologies, which are distinguished by exceptionally long-enduring phenotypic stability and high metabolic competency.  In multiple peer-reviewed studies, Hurel’s data has been shown to possess intrinsically superior predictive sensitivity and accuracy—i.e., to be more human-relevant®.

Hurel is the gold standard of microliver technologies.  This truth is substantiated by the fact that numerous leading, global CROs rely on Hurel microliver products themselves.  They base their competitive differentiation, as well as their reputations with their own valued customers, on the gold standard of assurance that Hurel provides.