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Video: Hepatic Artificial Tissue Constructs Affording Interspecies Comparison of DMPK Endpoints in Human, Rat and Dog Systems by Hurel SAB Chairman Leslie Z. Benet, Ph.D. presented at meeting of The Boston Society held at the Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA, July, 2013. Watch video

Video: Clarinex®: The Hunt for the Unproducible Metabolite – A HµREL Video Case Study. By Ronald E. White, Ph.D. – President, White Global Pharma Consultants, LLC. (formerly Vice-President, Drug Metabloism, Schering-Plough Research Institute.) March 2014. Watch video

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multi-readout, repeat-dose
DILI screening
DILI screening

Hurel microlivers afford better prediction than 3D

Toxicology Research
Long-enduring infectious liver disease platform
Toxicity Ratios*
A new marker for hepatotoxic chronicity

*patent pending
a new, patent-pending
efflux transport
assay method
Superior intrinsic clearance
and biotransformation of
low-turnover drugs