“…(W)e showed that the Hµrel® coculture is a robust and reliable method for human in vivo clearance prediction and metabolite detection of slowly metabolized drugs.  Hµrel® coculture has similar phase I and phase II enzyme activity as freshly thawed hepatocytes for at least 10 days, which enables a range of in vitro studies to predict the human in vivo situation.  …(T)he confidence of the in vivo clearance prediction can be increased by including at least two preclinical species, normally rat and dogs….  Prediction of induction, drug-drug interaction, metabolites, drug transport, and toxicity could all be improved in a system with polarized human hepatocytes that maintains enzyme activity at a high level.”
– Hultman I. et al., AstraZeneca, Molecular Pharmaceutics 2016, 13, 2796−2807.