The Gold Standard

HUREL makes patented co-cultures—“microlivers”—that elevate the metabolic competency, the enduring viability, and the dynamic cellular responsiveness of hepatocytes cultured in vitro.  These qualities endow HUREL with an unrivaled degree of predictive sensitivity—human relevance®—and make HUREL the gold standard of advanced liver tissue constructs.

HUREL’s well-characterized use cases include preclinical assessment of clearance rates of metabolically stable compounds, metabolite generation and identification, induction and inhibition of enzymatic action, biliary efflux of chemical entities; prediction of general cytotoxicity and hepatoxicity, mitochondrial toxicity, cholestatic liability, hepatotoxicity arising from the formation of reactive metabolites; and the study of viral replication underlying hepatotropic disease.

HUREL’s products and services have been adopted by top-ranking pharma and biotech firms in the United States, Europe, and around the world.