Company Overview
HµREL® Corporation (“Hurel”) is a privately held bioanalytic tools company with corporate headquarters and laboratories situated in North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. Spring Mountain Capital, LLC is the Company’s lead investor. The Humane Society of the United States is a participating investor. Founding investor Robert Freedman is Hurel’s Chief Executive Officer.

HµREL® researches, develops, and commercializes products and services based on its patent-pending three-dimensional (“3D”) cell-based tissue constructs comprised of primary (i.e., actual) cells of the human or other species; as well as its patented microfluidic devices that further enhance the already high functionality and range of application of its cell-based in vitro
models. At the present time Hurel offers hepatic co-culture models of the human, dog and rat species; hepatic models of mouse and non-human primate are under development. The Company’s HµRELflowTM multi-tissue microfluidic platform is currently in beta-test stage.

HµREL®’s pre-launch technology development was enabled substantially through R&D collaborations with major pharmaceutical firms, most notably with the Schering-Plough Research Institute (“SPRI,” now Merck & Co.). SPRI funded and incubated Hurel in its Kenilworth, New Jersey labs from 2007-2011. In addition to its directly-owned intellectual properties, the Company maintains worldwide exclusive rights to certain patents and patent applications owned by Cornell University, where HµREL®’s technology in part originated.