delivered in 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well multi-well culture plates

Currently the Company offers HµREL®
co-cultures made from primary hepatocytes of the human, non-human primate, dog, and rat species. Including HµRELhumanPoolTM co-cultures comprised of human
hepatocytes drawn from multiple human donor lots and pooled together to create a broader and more powerful spectrum of enzymatic response.

HµREL® delivers its products in standard microtiter labware, fully functioning and ready for immediate use after overnight incubation at the customer’s lab site, with no preparatory tissue culture required before the receiving scientist’s experiment can begin. The cultures spend their first week in Hurel’s New Jersey labs, during which time Hurel technicians nourish and quality-control them; the co-cultures reach their characteristic plateau of functionality around day 7, at which time they are packed and shipped. The customer thus benefits from high and stable cellular responsiveness that endures from the time the shipment first arrives.

Every shipment is accompanied by a phenotyping profile that characterizes the metabolic and general cellular responsiveness of the co-culture and is specific to the donor lot of primary hepatocytes from which that particular co-culture is drawn.