Matthew K. Shipton, M.S.
Chief Operations Officer
Leading Hurel’s commercial operations, Matthew K. Shipton brings to the Company a skill for implementing sales-driven business strategies, an extensive track record of meeting and surpassing targeted sales objectives, and a passion for translating customer needs into solutions that exceed customer expectations. In addition to his role of leading the Company’s outreach and relationships with customers; serving as a customer advocate inside the Company, he will work closely with Hurel’s R&D team to articulate market needs and identify opportunities for new products. Over the past ten years, Mr. Shipton has amassed deep domain expertise in cell-based products and services. Immediately prior to joining Hurel, he served as the Central and Southern U.S. Regional Sales Manager for Bioreclamation IVT (formerly CelsisIVT), where he was responsible for leading regional revenue generation and new account growth. In that capacity Mr. Shipton organized and led multiple, dedicated strategic initiatives, including establishing the CelsisIVT partnership with the Research Institute for Liver Disease (RILD) in China, as well as consummating long-term supply agreements with a number of the major pharmaceutical companies. Prior to CelsisIVT, Mr. Shipton served as Director of North American Business Development for Cyprotex, PLC, a UK-based contract research organization (“CRO”) specializing in preclinical drug discovery services. Before Cyprotex, he was Regional Sales Manager for CellzDirect, a Durham, NC based provider of primary hepatic cell-based products and services which in 2008 was acquired by Invitrogen (now Thermo Fisher). Mr. Shipton holds Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry from, respectively, North Carolina State University and Youngstown State University.

multi-readout, repeat-dose
DILI screening
DILI screening

Hurel microlivers afford better prediction than 3D

Toxicology Research
Long-enduring infectious liver disease platform
Toxicity Ratios*
A new marker for hepatotoxic chronicity

*patent pending
a new, patent-pending
efflux transport
assay method
Superior intrinsic clearance
and biotransformation of
low-turnover drugs